Q: Where can I find the menu for my school?.

A: Go to School Menus

Q: Does the balance carries over from year to year?.

A: Yes, whatever money left in the account at the end of the year, will be available this new school year.

Q: I already have an account with you, do I have to create a new one?.

A: No, we only ask for the general information the first time we have to enter it in our database, once you’ve done that, you don’t have to do it again.

Q: What is my kid’s ID and where do I get it?.

A: The ID is the number we use to identify your kid in our system, it’s an unique number and it’s linked to all the kid’s information, such as balance, and in some schools pre-order lunches. The ID number can be obtained by clicking on the link that says “Check your ID” at the bottom left of the front page.

Q: I need to create an account but I didn’t get the welcome letter.

A: Please check your spam folder, and add [email protected] to your trusted list to ensure proper communication is delivered. Also, if you haven’t already created an account, please go to www.cateringforkids.com/instructions and follow those simple steps.

Q: How do I order meals for my kid?.

A: You do NOT need to pre-order meals, teachers will do a headcount each morning and ask children for their daily choice, and we’ll cook accordingly thus avoiding you the nuisance of pre-selecting with days in advance.

If you still need to contact us, please use this form“.