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About us - Catering for kidsCatering for kids

Since 1984, We have been one of the premier providers of dining services to private schools in the Houston area. We provide talented managers and cooks as well as creative child-centered menus and a well-trained staff to re-invent your on-site food service and enhance your children’s dining experience. We are dedicated to personal attention, superior service, and quality food.

If you are looking to improve your school’s food service, we invite you to learn more about us.

We’re about Nutrition…

Catering For Kids has led the way in nutritional school lunches since 1984. Though imitated, no company exceeds Catering For Kids commitment to providing one of the most nutritious, and most cost-effective school lunch in Houston. Catering For Kids begins with menu items that children love and reduces the fats, fillers, and sugars used in average school lunches to achieve a more nutritious offering which your children will eat. We provide your child with nutritious choices every day, helping their minds and bodies prepare for the bright future ahead of them.

We’re about Service…

As company run by parents, we care about children. We constantly keep abreast of developments in nutrition and disease prevention. We do this through published articles and consultation with professional nutritionists. We also provide courteous employees, giving the children greater security and creating a more congenial atmosphere. We work with parents to promote their confidence that their children are receiving the most nutritious and cost effective meals in Houston. We work with School Administration to ensure that the meal program is one of their strengths and a pleasure to have.

We offer complete cafeteria outsourcing services. This includes food ordering and preparation, kitchen clean-up, kitchen staffing, account management, menu management, and more. The kitchens we manage have been featured in Marvin Zindler’s Blue Ribbon lists.

We are also researching new modes of business to better serve schools, parents, and children.

We’re about Quality…

We continually strive to produce nutritionally balanced foods that promote your children’s well-being. You’ve heard the saying “Garbage in, garbage out.“ We start our meals with quality ingredients, full of nutrients and devoid of fillers. We also seek to serve food that your children will eat. This is equally important; nutritious food is worthless if not eaten.

We’re about Flexibility…

We realize that different school populations prefer different foods. While some foods are common, foods for high school students will be different that those offered to first graders. Further, we welcome and incorporate constructive input from parents and schools to improve our services.

We have a long history of partnering with schools of different types. We are happy to work with each school and its needs to be sure that we serve food within the dietary restrictions for a holiday period or year-round.

We never forget that it is YOUR lunch program. We customize a lunch program around YOUR needs and desires. We work with you to ensure a healthy happy student body and pleased parents.

We’re Capable…

With over twenty years of quality food service behind us, we continue to set the standards for school lunch programs in Houston. Our program continues to exceed the nutritional aspects outlined in the recent laws passed by the Texas legislature for public school lunches, as well as our competitors.